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What's the deal with tuk-tuks in Bangkok?

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In my opinion, tuk-tuks are the scourge of touristic Bangkok. That's, mostly, because 99% of them are going to try and rip you off. Even if they offer you a reasonable price, they will inevitably try to take you to their friends' shops, or try and encourage you to buy fake gems.


But what are we talking about here? Probably only a few hundred baht. It's not going to break the bank, and if you're in Thailand for only a couple of weeks then paying 300 baht for a tuk-tuk journey probably sounds cheap.


But, for those on a budget, or those who have been in the country for a while, it's the principle of the thing. For Thai standards (most of) these guys aren't all that hard-up. Especially, when they have, un-enlightened, tourists paying triple, with a tip on top for good measure.


Tuk-tuks can have their uses from time to time to get you out of trouble if you need a quick ride, but always assume they are going to, at least, quote double, if not triple in tourist areas, and always try to haggle.


The one saving grace with the tuk-tuks is that once you have agreed on a price, you know the driver is going to take you the shortest route possible, whereas a taxi driver may take the scenic route to help juice the meter.


For those who have never been to Thailand before, then you have to have a go, but, perhaps, only take a small journey for 50 baht, where you know your hotel is just a few miles up the road.

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