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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Bangkok Taxis

What's the deal with Taxis in Bangkok?

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There's not much to worry about when getting a taxi in Bangkok. When leaving the airport, it's sometimes easier to walk up to the arrivals area and flag down a cab as it is dropping someone off. The various colours signify different taxi companies. Some drivers may say their meters are limited to certain areas and cannot leave the city limits, but for journeys within the city; a red or yellow taxi should be okay.


The best way to flag down a taxi in Bangkok is to get a hotel porter to go out and flag one for you, after telling them where you wish to go. Usually, a tip of 20 baht, to the porter, is appreciated for this service. If a hotel calls a taxi for you the driver may ask for an extra 30 baht, which no doubt goes to the hotel.


Taxi fares start at 35 baht once you have instructed the driver to put his meter on. If he refuses to put it on, then leave and try another. Journeys are pretty cheap, though they should be avoided during peak times because you could get stuck in traffic for hours. I would always suggest booking a hotel near a BTS station. This will enable you to get to many other modes of transport throughout the city e.g. River Taxi and Subway.


The only problem you might have with a taxi is the driver may take you the long way round to help juice the meter. Avoid taxis that give you a price before getting in. Secluded areas like Khao San Road will only take you for 300 baht, but you can try and haggle. The BTS closes at midnight, so you’ll inevitably need to get a taxi if it’s a long distance to your digs.

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