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posted by The Bangkok Consultant


What's the deal with Phahurat?

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At a glance ...

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Upon first glance, you might think this part of the city is a waste of time. Phahurat Road isn't very interesting with just a few shops. But, look beyond the main road and delve into the back alleys and a labyrinth of interesting little market stalls and shops begin to tempt the senses.


This place is great if you're looking for fabrics. You can buy it at length, for your own use, or you can have it made to order. Buy a suit, or have a summer dress made. I'm no fashion expert (only travel expert) but I'm sure if you took a photo from a magazine, somebody could create something similar for a fraction of the cost. Everyone is Indian and speaks English, so communicating what you want is very easy.


There are a few small eateries in the alleys, and the Indian food is the cheapest in Bangkok. On the top floor of the Indian Emporium shopping mall, there is a fantastic food hall offering great food. For those with a sweet tooth, try some of the mouth-watering local Indian treats of coconut balls, or sponge balls in syrup, which I lovingly refer to as Amazeballs.

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