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Sky Bar

What is the Sky Bar like?

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I'm not keen on this 'swanky wanky' bar. Don't get me wrong, if you have lots of money; this is a great place to have a drink and a meal. But if you're a humble tourist just looking to go there, expect to be treated like cattle trying to find your spot at the bar among dozens of other tourists. Though it is a high-class establishment, it really is suckling at the tit of the success of The Hangover 2 movie, which featured the bar and is why so many people want to go there.


The cheapest drink on the menu is a weak Jack Daniels and coke. At 450 baht I'd expect to be able to light the fumes, coming off my drink, with a match, but I could barely taste the bourbon. Remember drink prices on the menu are subject to added tax. So be careful if you think about having a few because you'll get a shock when the bill comes. Of course, if the drinks were cheap the place would be overrun with crusty backpackers and seeing as it is a hotel restaurant and bar; they do need to try and keep the outside numbers down.


There is often a nearly empty Champaign bar that is only open to people drinking Champaign. Everyone else is ushered to a small little bar out of the way. Expect to keep bumping into people as they try to get photos. The views are decent, but other rooftop bars offer the same views without all the kafuffle.


There is a maitre d' on permanent lookout telling you when you have over-stepped your boundaries, which is an irritation. It's almost as if the owners want to charge the poor people exuberant prices for drink, but they don't want them stinking up the place.


The bar is on top of the Lebua State Tower, Silom Road, on the 63rd floor, and it can be reached easily from the BTS Skytrain (exit 3). Once you make it to the main road turn left. It's the tallest building you can see.


Be careful with the dress code. Trousers are required for men, and shoes are a must. If you don't have any, then you can buy a smelly old, manky pair from a street seller round the corner, but I wouldn't recommend it.


Afterwards, just across the road, you could visit Maggie Choo's.

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