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Dusit and Thewet  

Is there much to see in Dusit and Thewet?

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No there's not a great deal to see in Dusit and Thewet.


Dusit has a Police State feel about the place. There are quite a few government buildings in the area and security is pretty heavy. There aren't any street vendors, and the place is immaculately clean. When you walk around, it's almost as if you're not allowed to be there.


Dusit Zoo is the primary attraction in this area. However there a few lesser known points of interest. Dusit can be walked to from Khao San Road if you're in the mood for a stroll in humid Bangkok. On the way, you'll see King Rama V Monument, which is worth a look. Continue to Dusit Palace towards the zoo, and you'll see Suan Kularb Residential Hall, where Jim Thomson is believed to have stayed after the war. However, the building is closed to tourists and security is pretty tight, but you might be able to take a photo from the road.


Follow the signs to the Francis Xavier Church to soak up some history, or continue west towards the entrance to Dusit Palace where you'll find many attractions including Vimanmek Mansion.


You can take the 503 bus from Ratchadamnoen Road (Democracy Monument) to Dusit for around 14 baht.




Towards the river is Thewet. This area is a little more exciting with a few restaurants overlooking the river. Wat Rachathiwat Ratchaworawihan is worth a look, but you'll spend more time trying to pronounce it then time spent there.


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