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Posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Wat Pho

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Wat Traimit

Home to a solid gold Buddha statue, this is one of Bangkok's most popular temples for tourists.

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Wat Saket (Golden Mount)

Wat Wat Wat?

Wat Saket and the Golden Mount are two seperate compounds. Wat Saket houses a temple. Take a walk up a spiral staircase to reach the peak of the Golden Mount.

Wat Wat Wat?

When it comes to sifting through the abundance of temples in Bangkok I hear many of you ask - What Wat Wat?


I find the Chinese temples to be much more aesthetically pleasing, but the Thai Buddhist temples also hold a certain amount of appeal with many containing historical artwork on their walls and Buddha statues covered in beautiful gold leaf.


There's no point mentioning too many temples in Bangkok, however, there's a few that are worth a gander. You'll see many when your wandering around so it's easy to pop in for a look. Many are quite typical with golden Buddha statues in a row that go right the way round the inner sanctum.


There's normally more than one building, and there's usually at least one massive golden statue in one of the buildings. There's also some interesting artwork on the walls depicting stories of the past. If you see a road sign directing you to a temple then that is usually a good indication that there's something worth seeing inside.

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Wat Pho is right across the street from the Grand Palace and is home to the enormous Reclining Buddha.