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Wat Traimit

What can you tell me about Wat Traimit?

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The most appealing thing about this temple is getting to see the solid gold Buddha. The immaculately clean and shiny 5.5 tonne statue is fantastically impressive. The story that surrounds it is rather intriguing:


In the 17th century, under the threat of the Burmese, the Thais had the ingenious idea of encasing the statue in plaster to disguise it from the marauding armies and was subsequently lost in time. It stayed this way until the 1950's when during reconstruction; the statue was being moved when it fell to the ground and cracked, revealing the treasure beneath. Once news spread across Thailand, this sparked a surge in people destroying their plaster sculptures in the hopes of finding lost gold: a beautiful story and definitely worth the entrance fee to see this piece of history.


It might pay to get there as early as you can because once the main viewing hall fills it's tough to get a decent photo and there can often be a bit of pushing and shoving (mostly from me). If you only want to see the temple and statue, it's 40 baht. On the second floor: there is an exhibition hall that explains how the statue was made and how it came to be at Wat Traimit, which costs 100 baht including temple and statue.


Easily reached by Hua Lamphong subway station (Exit 3). Follow the signs; it's just a few minutes walk away.



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