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Teddy's Bigger Burgers

What's with Teddy's Bigger Burgers?

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Bangkok on a budget

There is only one of these restaurants in Bangkok on the ground floor of the Gateway shopping mall in the Ekamai neighbourhood. These sumptuous burgers are grilled to your preference from slightly on the bloody side to well-done. This Hawaiian-themed burger joint offers a selection of tasty burgers that come snuggly wrapped in a soft fluffy roll. Choose from a wide variety of extras including salads, cheeses, bacon, onion rings and sauces all piled high on your plate.


Prices vary on the size of your patty but expect to pay between 250 and 350 for your burger alone. A combo set is available for various types of fries and soft drinks for just 70 baht.


Check out the onion rings; there out of hand!

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