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Wat Pho

What can you tell me about Wat Pho?

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Just across the road from the Grand Palace is another temple that asks you to part with your money. While a massive golden Buddha lying down is the highlight of Thai person's day out, The Reclining Buddha would, perhaps, be more impressive if it was made of solid gold.


The complex is quite an interesting place to visit. There are several statues standing guard at many of the entrances to various parts of the grounds. One is said to be of Marco Polo, but it is unclear which one it is, though the statues all have different facial expressions depicting different races.


There are several gardens and other ornamental features making this a worthwhile visit on your day out in Rattanakosin.




Admission: 200 baht


Best reached: by River Taxi - Piers Tha Tien (N8) or Tha Chang (N9)




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