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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Say No To Shark Fin Soup

What can you tell me about Skark Fin Soup?

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Shark Finning is the disgusting act of catching a shark purely for its dorsal fin to make Shark Fin Soup. The hapless animal is hoisted onto the boat before having its fin cut off while it is still alive, then the animal is thrown back overboard to either suffocate at the bottom of the ocean or to be eaten by other prey.


Since the shark cannot swim without its dorsal fin, it cannot get any oxygen into the gills and slowly dies. Shark fins are being yielded in ever increasing numbers to feed the growing demand for Shark Fin Soup, in areas like Chinatown, where there are numerous restaurants.


The soup itself is of Chinese origin and is flavoured with chicken or some other stock. The fin itself contains little taste, and it is used primarily to add texture to the dish, which can be done in other ways.


It is customarily served to guests at important events such as weddings and business banquets, and given Asia's ever prospering populations the delicacy is being consumed in increasing volumes, and at $100 a bowl, fishers slaughter sharks wherever they can find them to satisfy the market. Today Shark Fin Soup is being consumed in vast quantities, placing an unsustainable and crippling demand on shark populations. Due to high demand and the high price for the fins, this is also contributing to organised crime with many cartels taking control of much of the industry.


For those of you on holiday, who would like to try it for the experience, please Say No To Shark Fin Soup and eat some stir-fried crickets instead or a scorpion on Khao San Road. If you would like to take further action to stop shark finning, please visit the Stop Shark Finning website and sign a petition, or you can get involved in other ways.


Thank you so much and Say No To Shark Fin Soup.

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