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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Recommended by The Bangkok Consultant

Condotel, Chatuchak

At 750 baht a night, this hotel offers better amenities than other hotels for the same price. Away from the tourist areas, Saphan Kwai is ideally located for easy access to Don Mueang airport (by Taxi).

Recommended by The Bangkok Consultant

Elizabeth Hotel, Saphan Khwai

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Bangkok on a budget

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Reviewed by The Bangkok Consultant

Rikka Inn, Khao San Road


For 1000 baht a night this is a great little hotel. The place is decorated in a way that reflects Thailand in the 60-80s giving the rooms a Thai classic contemporary feel.

Bangkok Lodging

Perception of hotels is such a personal thing. It’s surprising how many people can have different interpretations of the same situation. For instance, some people are appalled that a hotel room doesn’t have a window, but other people love it because they know they can sleep in total darkness, as late as they like, without the sun glaring through.


Some things people leave in online reviews are somewhat laughable. Standards can be poor in Thailand, especially if your booking somewhere cheap. There's not a lot in the way of customer service and quite often when you complain, there'll be lots of embarrassment and not much will be get done.


Reading reviews on hotel booking sites are, of course, still important in your decision making, but some people have bad experiences while others find the same place delightful. Some of the hotels below are clean and quiet, which are the two basic requirements I look for in a hotel.


Bangkok isn't as cheap as you might think, and if you're looking to stay somewhere for less than 1000 baht a night, you really can't expect too much. But, there are loads of good places in that price range.

Recommended by The Bangkok Consultant

Mansion Sarisinee, Saphan Khwai

This hotel is great for long term stays in Bangkok. All rooms have en-suite, fridge and balcony.


Reviewed by The Bangkok Consultant

For You Residence, Silom Road

Right in the heart of the Silom district, this clean and friendly hotel is right in the mix with fantastic restaurants, some trendy new bars and is close to most public transport.


Reviewed by The Bangkok Consultant

SK Boutique Hotel, Chinatown

Location location location! Right opposite the Bangkok Railway Station, this hotel will do for a night or two when travelling by train, especially if you're journey is early in the morning.

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