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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

What's the deal with Bangkok's Rabbit Card?

At a glance ...

Bangkok's rabbit card was created as a prepaid travel card for the BTS Skytrain allowing commuters to effortlessly pass through the turnstiles at all stations without the need to purchase tickets. Now you can use your rabbit card throughout Bangkok at several services, retail stores and restaurants including the BRT Bus, Mcdonalds, coffee shops, Dinosaur Planet and many prominent food courts including FoodStreet based on the top floor of the Gateway Mall at Ekamai.


For those who use the BTS Skytrain regularly, this is a lifesaver. Quite often, a peak times, you'll have to queue up twice to buy your ticket for the train, which is uncomfortable in the searing hot weather. Usually, customers need to get change at one of the kiosks before joining another queue to buy tickets at the machines, which can be lengthy at busy stations. Using your rabbit card to pass through channels speedily can be hugely beneficial at the active, non-air-conditioned stations. So once you have topped up your card, you can swipe it at all turnstiles quickly to avoid queuing like cattle with the rest of the crowds on hot sweaty days.


The rabbit e-money service offers three types of card, which are available to foreigners and travellers: Adult, Senior and Student (child). You can buy your rabbit card at all stations at the pay counter, or if you would like more information, you can visit the central office at Siam station. A standard rabbit card (with deposit fee) is available for 300 baht, which includes 150 baht issuing fee, 50 baht deposit and 100 baht initial stored value. A maximum of 4000 baht can be applied to your card, which can offer an alternative to carrying cash.


Many outlets currently offer discounts for using your rabbit card. McDonald's offers a 10% discount on all orders, and Mezzo coffee offers 10 baht off your order. See website for full list of accepting outlets. Currently, there is no online top up service for the rabbit card, so you will need to top up your card at one of the affilated stores, or you can do it at all BTS stations.

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