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Muse Pass

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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

What can you tell me about the Muse Pass?

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Many of us who visit Thailand would like to soak up some culture, and what better place to this than at one of Bangkok's many museums. Now in its 5th season, the Muse Pass is an excellent and inexpensive way of visiting over 50 museums countrywide with at least 30 of them in Bangkok. Now, don't expect to get into some of the most famous museums, but for 199 baht this is a bargain.


A good place to buy your Muse Pass is from the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall not far from Democracy Monument, but you can buy one at all participating museums. The cost of entry to some of the exhibits cost more than the pass itself, so you'll be getting in the rest of the museums for free.


Participating institutions change from year to year because some drop out of the scheme while others join. The Pass is only valid in the low season from April to Sept 30. You’ll get a package with your pass containing a map of all the museums, which it’s all written in Thai, but you’ll find most of them on Google Maps.


Some of these include: Museum Siam, Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, Bangkok Folk's Museum, Krungthai Art Gallery, The Queen’s Gallery, Police Museum Parusakawan Palace, Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum, King Prajadhipok Museum, Thai Film Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Information Technology Museum, Siriraj Museum, Department Of Lands Museum, National Aviation Museum of The Royal Thai Airforce, Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, and Batcat Museum & Toys Thailand.


So, if you have a lot of time on your hands during your trip, and you would like to while away an afternoon, then for 199 baht it's worth keeping handy.


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