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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Octave Rooftop Bar

What's the Octave Rooftop Bar like?

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This bar is great. Sure, the drinks are expensive, but you get a much better experience than at the highly revered Sky Bar. The Marriott Hotel goes up to around 46 floors, which is high enough to get great views of the city at night. A good time to get there is around 5.30pm, or just before sunset.


The set up of this bar is much more welcoming than the Sky Bar with tables and seats with beautiful views of the city. There are tall tables where you can stand and have a comfortable drink without barging past hoards of other punters.


This place isn't as popular as other rooftop bars, which is great because the place isn't as packed. Expect to pay at least 450 baht for an alcoholic drink, but they do tend to be quite boozy. Try the Mojitos; have a couple of them and you'll be flying.


This bar is easy to get to via the Thong Lo BTS Skytrain; just look up, and you can't miss it (Marriott Hotel). There's also a nice looking Japanese restaurant across the road if you fancy trying some wagyu beef.


Be careful with the dress code. It's best to wear shoes and trousers, rather than shorts.

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