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Bus travel

What's the deal with buses in Bangkok?

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Google Maps can play a massive part in bus travel in Bangkok. But, downtown Bangkok isn't all that big, and buses can be easy to figure out. The problem is not knowing when to get off, or if you're going in the right direction. Having a digital map can take the sting out of going the wrong way on a bus. But, once you get you’re bearings in the city, and figure out which direction the river is in, bus travel isn't impossible.


You can get most bus journeys for less than 20 baht and some are air-conditioned. Your best bet is to board the bus and pay 20 baht to the conductor and wait for your change. This can help out with the language barrier, but you will need to say a district or neighbourhood you're trying to get to.


They can save time if you know where you’re going, and you can pick up bus timetables at book stores throughout the city, or some hotels may also have them.


An easy route to use is the BRT which runs in its own lane and travels to the southern regions of the city.


When leaving Don Mueang airport you can get into the city using the A1 or A2 buses, though with heavy baggage and not much chance of getting a seat you could be in for a hellish ride if the bus gets stuck in traffic.


Some of the articles on this website will contain information about bus travel within Bangkok.


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