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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

What can you tell me about the Impact Arena?

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This is a great venue for music events and concerts in Bangkok, and many of the biggest acts from Europe and the US tend to play here. The venue is a typical arena with easy access to smoking areas, and drinks usually cost 100 baht for a pint of Singha beer.


Depending on the event you're seeing tickets can start at 2000 baht and can get as high as 8000, if Elton's in town. There's no standing area in front of the stage and most people tend to sit down, which isn't great if you want to dance to your favourite group, but sometimes it's possible to break away to the more sparse areas to have a little boogey.


REMEMBER: Traffic is fierce around this area on a good day, so you can imagine what it's like when there's thousands of people trying to get to the same place. If you're gig starts at 9pm then aim to get there for 5pm and you might just make it in time. It's best to get there early and have a drink or something to eat than suffer the horrendous traffic.


Beach reached by car or taxi.

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