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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Is it worth haggling?

What's the deal with haggling?

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In the market place, trying to get 50% off is perhaps asking a little too much. A good rule of thumb is to try and get 20% off and be happy with 10%. If they are unwilling to knock off 10%, then walk away.


Some items are so cheap; it's hardly worth haggling over 10 Baht. Is it really worth haggling over something that costs five quid? Though they'll probably expect you to haggle, and if you don't they have gained, but it's five quid! If you're buying multiple items, it's worth asking for a deal, especially if the items are expensive.


Tuk -tuks, however, are notorious for ripping off tourists, but if you have never tried one, you should have a go for the experience. Try and get 50% off the asking price when negotiating with a tuk-tuk driver. If you know, roughly, how far you are away from your destination, you might be able to gauge how much to pay. But try and get 50% off. Beware of scams.

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