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Fifth Avenue

What's the deal with Fifth Avenue?

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Bangkok on a budget

Granted, this is not one of Bangkok's most elegant of eateries, but after a morning's shop around the many stalls at MBK, this exciting place adds a bit of novelty to your trip. The concept of this place is that you can have a meal from a variety of different countries around the world. There are a number of individual kitchens to choose from: Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Arabic, Indian and more. Prices of meals range from cheap to expensive, so there is something for everyone.


When you enter the restaurant, you are given a credit card. When you order your food you give the card to the kitchen you are ordering from. So you could order a starter from Mexico and your main meal from Italy. It all gets tallied up on your card, and you pay on your way out.


This place is great if you have eaten nothing but Thai food for a few days and fancy a change.


Tip: All meals are prepared fresh which can take a few minutes, so it's best to order first and then go off and order your drink and find a table.


Fifth Avenue is on the 5th floor of the MBK shopping centre. Best reached by BTS National Stadium station.

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