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What can you tell me about Sukhumvit?

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Sukhumvit is a major road that runs through Bangkok. It begins from Ploen Chit Skytrain station and runs right the way through Bangkok, out of the city and down south towards the Cambodian border of Had Lek. This road links Bangkok with Pattaya, Rayong, Trat and other large towns.


Meanwhile, in Bangkok, the road is home to an abundance of hotels, bars and restaurants that stretch for several miles. Sukhumvit is one of the biggest districts in Bangkok for tourists to explore. However, there's not much in the way of tourist attractions. The surrounding roads that lead away from Sukhumvit offer everything you could want in the way of entertainment.


Of course, it's not all girly bars and dildo shows. In fact, the seedy areas are rather descreet. Nana is one of the most common areas for this kind of entertainment. The area around Nana station is where most of the sexpests hang out, and Soi Cowboy is the main draw for go-go bars and girly shows, etc.


Establishments on Sukhumvit Road can be quite pricey from Western foods to top-class Japanese restaurants. The Sukhumvit BTS line runs right over Sukhumvit road making it the best way to get around.


There's a lot of market stalls that take up much of the sidewalks, which makes it difficult to navigate sometimes especially at night, but you'll get there in the end. But it's the sois that lead away from Sukhumvit that offer the most exciting of cuisines, bars and other entertainment. The closer you get to Asok station is where you'll find the more midrange hotels and high rise condos dominated by sexpats.


You could easily spend a week here exploring Sukhumvit and the surrounding areas. Just bring lots of money.


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