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The Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT)

Can you help me out with the Bangkok subway?

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What's going down in Chinatown?

The MRT runs along one line from Bang Sue, near Chatuchak Weekend Market, to Hua Lamphong, near Chinatown. The maximum cost for travelling the full length of the line is 42 baht. However, the line runs in an inverted C-shape so both terminuses aren't as far apart as the journey would suggest.


Tokens can be bought at machines in the stations. When entering the turnstiles swipe your token to activate the gates. At the other end just put the token in the slot.


It is recommended that you try and book a hotel within walking distance to a Subway or Skytrain station. Using Google Maps can help you when gauging distances.


A MRT Smart Card is available from stations and works in the same way as the rabbit card - for adults the price is 230 baht (150 baht travel value + 50 baht card deposit + 30 baht issuing fee). Top us are availabe at ticket counters at all stations.


More info about MRT Smart Card

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