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posted by The Bangkok Consultant

Seeking Employment

Do you know of any jobs in Thailand?

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"We are currently looking for a Thai National to work in a customer facing role at a local adventure park near to Maprachan Lake, Needs to have a bubbly personality, and speak good basic English and able to write Thai language. Basic computer skills also needed. Good salary offered for the right person. 6 days a week but might consider 4 or 5 days a week for the the right person."


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Posted May 7, 2017


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Job going at


"I am currently looking for volunteers to contribute to a new Asia project based in Bangkok. All work can be done remotely, so applicants don't necessarily have to live in Thailand.


This is a personal project, by me, so at the moment it is non-profit while I continue to build an online presence. The work load is increasing, so I am happy to delegate some aspects of the project to writers, advisory consultants, designers, Asia based photographers, video makers, social media managers or anyone who just wants to get involved. Thai nationals who write good English are also welcome to apply. All work shall be edited by me, if needed, to complement the theme and tone of the project, so perfect English is not essential.."


Posted June 5, 2017