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Like most things, coffee is a personal thing; some like it black, others with tonnes of milk and three sugars. For my part, you can't beat an au naturelle espresso with a dash of steamed milk to appreciate a coffee fully.  


After thoroughly probing Bangkok for a decent cuppa, The Amazon Cafe makes it to the top of the list. These franchise cafes are abundant in Bangkok, and throughout Thailand, and you will frequently see one at gas stations throughout the country.


These are probably the most numerous of cafes in Thailand, and with good reason, they are the best! In Bangkok, a standard white coffee (small latte) will cost around a reasonable 70 baht and can be as low as 50 baht outside of The City.


The decor is a little basic, but you can at least sit in an air-conditioned cafe and enjoy what I would describe as the closest thing to a proper cup of coffee this side of Italy. The secret to their success is that they use superior beans (seems obvious doesn't it) but many expensive, so called trendy cafes, use cheap beans and have no idea how to make a cup of coffee while charging a small fortune.


Anywho I digress, there are of course many more affordable places in Bangkok, but again their use of inferior beans leads to a poor cuppa ... and possibly the shits.


Those who enjoy tall Lattes with lots of brown sugar or 'Crappacinos' with caramel syrup needn't worry where you get your coffee because the quality of the bean is negligent, not to mention a bastardization of hundreds of years of barista perfection.


There are, of course, thousands of places to get a decent cuppa in Bangkok, but Amazon is number one in my book.

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