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100 yen shop in Thailand

100 yen shop on the rise in Thailand

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If you've ever been to Japan, you'll probably be familiar with the 100-yen shop: a cool, economical store, similar to the Pound Shop in the UK. It's a great place where you can pick up knickknacks on the cheap, such as decorated porcelain bowls and Chinese tea cups, kiddies toys, candy and other unique products.


There are currently seven in Thailand, including one at the Gateway shopping mall, Bangkok. It is run by Japanese 100-yen shop operator Can Do Co. Due to unexpected demand, the company plans to speedily increase the number of outlets from the prevailing seven to as many as 100 in 2020.


They have been running in Thailand for a couple of years, but Can Do is already taking steps to achieve this ambitious target. The number of 100-yen shops is presumed to grow as much as ten percent this year with similar forecasts for next year.


East Coast Furnitech Public Co. reckons that it will own 35 to 40 outlets of the 100 Can Do stores and the rest will open for investment through franchisees. The 100-shop market value is at 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion baht ($35 million to $38 million) in Thailand. ECF will open five new stores in built up areas later this year with a complimentary online platform to promote sales.


Can Do shops sell between 6,000 to 7,000 items with a standard price of 60 baht ($1.7), with imported products from Japan accounting for 90 percent. Some locally made household products will make up the remainder.


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