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Welcome to Bangkok

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

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At a glance ...

Bangkok on a budget

Bangkok's cosmopolitan backdrop and old-school heart beckon visitors from all around the world. Roughly 16 million visitors a year flock to the city for its spicy foods, beautiful temples and it's great shopping.


Sure, it still has many high-rise buildings, besides being highly involved in commerce, but its modern-ness spliced with ancient architecture and history makes Bangkok a fascinating and exciting city to visit.


First-timers may have a much-romanticised notion of the Far East, possibly from books or movies but, unfortunately, Bangkok has been touched by the grasping hand of Western consumerism, which on occasion leaves one with a feeling that you may have arrived a century too late.



This is how we roll?


The Bangkok Consultant is informal and to the point. Google Maps is used to give exact directions for a place as well as the best way to reach an area via public transport. We believe that exploration is the true spice of life, so we tell you what is there and how to get there. The rest is up to you. This is not a comprehensive website about every bar and hotel in Bangkok. It is designed to point out the better places to visit that come recommended.


The Bangkok Consultant offers up-to-date info on the latest news and hottest new trends currently happening in Bangkok while recommending a select few restaurants and hotels that come highly favoured by our team living in Bangkok. So let us be your eyes on the ground with all the latest deals and information to keep you in the loop about your upcoming holiday, business trip or shopping spree!


The Bangkok Consultant doesn't try to polish a turd with fancy travel writing and overused clichés like ‘majestic' and ‘best-kept secret,' squeezed into every sentence. If something sucks, the Bangkok Consultant will let you know. However, Bangkok is a ‘treasure trove' … oops, I mean a beautiful city, and while there are a few things to be wary of - you definitely won't go home disappointed.


Bangkok is a very safe city to visit, despite how many American movies may portray it. To quote the movie, Hangover II, "Bangkok has him now!" Don't worry; it's nothing like the film makes out; it's just a movie!


Since the Hangover II was released, there has been an increase in rooftop bars in the city, and while the Sky Bar, which featured in the movie, is one of the most popular, there are several throughout the city that may offer a better alternative.


The city may not be thought to have a trendy bar scene, but many upmarket hotels have excellent bars, and there have been some establishments popping up around the city in recent years like Maggie Choo's which is hot at the moment.


Likewise, where would any self-respecting consultant be without mentioning the city’s ‘staples’, as in the nuts and bolts of the city that allure so many to its skyline? From the temples of Rattanakosin and the shopping malls of Central Bangkok to fresh seafood in Chinatown and the backpacker haven of Khao San Road. Allow us to cut through the nonsense and inform you of what's hot, and what's not so hot in the city, and the rest of Thailand.


The philosophy for this website is that I only recommend hotels, bars and restaurants if I have personally visited these places, and I like to keep my personal recommendations to a minimum. However, I do suggest and review several other places that may interest you. The general rule is: I must have visited a place, or hotel, at least three times before I can personally recommend an establishment.      


I am also a minimalist. Not because I'm lazy, but because, as a web-designer, I understand that people come online to find the answers to a question, not to read well thought out essays that take 10 minutes to read with endless prose and mind-numbing clichés. After all, I am the Bangkok Consultant – you ask the question, I answer it.

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